Saturday, 7 July 2012

Western Style Bread ~ German Muesli Bread ~

Ingredients ~

Straight Dough

Bread Flour    257g
Cold Water   200g
Yeast   10g
Salt  5g
Sugar  27g
Multigrain  72g
Wheat Bran  37g
Butter  27g

Walnuts   110g
Raisin  122g

Method ~

1. All mix together, except butter.
2. Mix 1st speed for 30 seconds then change to 2nd speed for 3 min.
3. Add in butter and continue mix 1 st speed for 30 seconds.
4. Then mix 2nd speed until the dough is fully develop.
5. Then add in the raisins & walnuts 1 st speed 30 seconds.
6. Divide 400g each. Spray water. Bake 190c (Steam Bake 20 mins).

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