Monday, 28 May 2012

Kopitiam Sweet Buns

材料:(12 粒)


高筋面粉 214g
冷水 128g
酵母 2g


高筋面粉 92g
冷水 12g
蛋 30g
酵母 7g
盐 5g
糖 61g
奶粉 12g


1.海绵: 将材料拌匀,用第一高速搅拌至面团。发酵约4至5小时或放在冰箱冷藏12-16小时(隔夜就可以)。
2. 面团: 将干的材料及液体和海绵混合用第二高速搅拌至面团。
3. 然后加入牛油继续搅拌面团直有弹性不易破裂的薄膜,接近透明状。
4. 面团置放一旁(10分钟),分开割50g或60g滚圆放在抹上油的烤盘, 第二轮发酵60分钟个或两倍大。
5. 放入预热烤箱以160度烘烤12分钟即可。

Ingredients (for 12pcs)


Bread Flour 214g
Cold Water 128g
Instant Yeast 2g


Bread Flour 92g
Cold Water 12g
Egg 30g
Instant Yeast 7g
Salt 5g
Sugar 61g
Milk Powder 12g
Butter 45g


1.Mix the first flour,yeast and water for 3 mins on 1st speed.
2.Ferment at least 4-5 hours or keep in fridge 12-16 hours (overnight).
3.Mix the sponge, dry ingredient & liquid mix on 2nd speed until like a dough.
4.Then add in butter continue mix until the dough is fully developed. 50g/60g each.
5.Proof for 1 hour or until double size. Bake until golden brown 160c for 12 mins.

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  1. Hi I had tried this and do it exactly your way and mix using Kenwood Stand mixer till 出膜。But it turns out hard and not soft at all. When I prepared the sponge, I left at room temperature for an hour, and put in the fridge for 13 hours before I take it out. The sponge didn't grow (or maybe just very little). After mixing the sponge with the dough and rest for 10 minutes, I shaped it and cover with damp cloth for an hour and it didn't raise too much also. I am very sure that it was not my yeast problem because I bought a new one before I start making the bun. I was thinking maybe the temperature is not high enough? Will it be the cause? When doing the second time 发酵,can we wait for more than an hour? Please help.. I see many people using your method and it turns out very good but mine wasn't... very frustrated and sad