Friday, 1 June 2012

Fruits Tart


Tart  Shell

Butter 100g
Icing Sugar 50g
All Purpose Flour 210g
Egg 30g


1.Rub-in method.
2.Put in the tart mould. baked for 200c for 15 mins

Two type of Cream can use :-

1)Diplomat Cream~

Instant Custard 100g
Water 250g
Whipping Cream 100g


1.Beat instant custard with cold water until thick and smooth.
2.Add in whipping cream and mix well.

2)Pastry Cream~

Instant Custard Powder 90g
Milk 300g
Fresh Cream 200g

1.Stir custard powder and milk with the spoon.
2.Whip the fresh cream, then mix the custard together.

For the baked tart shell - spread a layer of melted chocolate over the baked tart shell. Top with a small piece of sponge cake and diplomat cream/pastry cream. fruits and glaze with apricot glaze diluted in water.


  1. may i know what mould u used for the shell tart? thanks. very beautiful and attractive!