Monday, 20 August 2012

Unbaked Chocolate Topped Cheese Cake

Ingredients  (A) ~ (for crust)
Oreo Biscuits Without Cream/Crushed Marie Biscuits    250g
Butter   125g

Ingredients  (B) ~

Cream Cheese  500g
Fine Sugar  200g
Whipping Cream  400 ml
Lemon Peel  2 fruits
Lemon Juice  6 tablespoon

Ingredients  (C) ~ (mixed well)

Gelatin   4 tablespoon
Hot Water  100 ml


1.Combine (A)crushed oreo biscuit/crushed marie biscuits and melted butter into 9 inch loose pan. Chilled.
2. Beat cream cheese and fine sugar until smooth,add in ingredients (C),whipping cream and lemon peel and lemon juice
3. Add-in ingredients (C). Whipping Cream and Lemon Peel + Lemon Juice blend beat till smooth. pour the cheese mixture onto prepared crumb crust and chill for 2-3 hours .

For the top filling ~ (Chocolate Ganache)

Whipping Cream  200 ml
Belgium Chocolate/Cooking Chocolate 200g


1.Double boil until smooth and mix well.
2.Spread the top with chocolate ganache.
3. Put into refrigerator and ready to be served after 2 hours.

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