Monday, 4 June 2012

Chocolate Spiral Bread ( Milk Bread )

Ingredients ~  ( For 500g Tin)


Bread Flour 204g
Cold Water 124g
Instant Yeast 2g


Bread Flour  89g
Cold Water 59g
Instant Yeast 3g
Salt   4g
Sugar  38g
Milk Powder  38g
Butter  12g


1.Mix the first flour,yeast and water for 3 mins on 1st speed.
2.Ferment at least 4-5 hours or keep in fridge (overnight).
3.Mix the sponge, dry ingredient & liquid mix on 2nd speed until like a dough.
4.Then add in butter continue mix until the dough is fully developed.
5.Rest dough for 10 mins. Then round up and rest another 10 mins.
6.Roll it. Then proof it until 80%. Bake with cover 200c for 30 mins.

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